APE Unleashes An Engaging Fusion of Pop, Electro, and EDM in “She’s in my Head” with William Singe


APE is a skilled French DJ with years of experience in the music business.

The first song from APE’s upcoming exciting new project, “She’s in my Head,” which features the outstanding collaboration of William Singe is finally released.

APE is an accomplished music producer who has created a sound that is both distinctively contemporary and alluring. His talent to fluidly combine genres has allowed him to produce a fun and catchy song that expertly combines pop, electro, and EDM components.

With an appealing melody that will hook listeners from the first beat, “She’s in my Head” promises to be a summer hit. The song gains an additional layer of charm because of the collaboration with William Singe.

Singe’s extraordinary vocal ability and passionate delivery, together with APE’s production, form a fascinating synergy that takes ears to the song’s emotional core. Together, they have produced a song that is catchy and memorable and is sure to make music lovers remember it for a long time.

The song “She’s in my Head” demonstrates how versatile APE is as a musician. He seamlessly transitions among many genres, displaying his capacity for adaptation and experimentation, thanks to his extensive experience and creative approach to music creation. The end result is a powerful and energizing sound that distinguishes him in the music industry.

Listeners are in for a treat as the single soars. All summer long, audiences will be dancing and singing along to “She’s in my Head” due to its addictive energy, throbbing beats, and catchy lyrics. This track is an exciting addition to any playlist since it demonstrates APE’s skill for writing music that connects with a variety of listeners.


APE is starting a brand-new thrilling chapter in his musical career with the release of “She’s in my Head.” Fans may anticipate more engaging and avant-garde music in the future as he continues to experiment and develop as an artist.

The song “She’s in my Head” is a requirement-listening for anyone in search of a new and energizing sound. Success is guaranteed because to APE’s distinctive fusion of pop, electro, and EDM and soulful vocals from William Singe. The tune is expected to be a hit, leaving listeners excited to see what APE has in store next.

Fans and music lovers everywhere are urged to immerse themselves in this electrifying musical experience, where creativity has no limitations, as the music video for “She’s in my Head” debuts.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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