Ben Fairey Shares The Official Video Of His Single, ‘Boomerang’


Previous work by Ben Fairey has touched on the classic themes of modern music, namely falling in and out of love or drowning your sorrows by dancing the night away. Unlike every young artist who boldly proclaims the real, lived experience of their music, he is a narrator to humanity with a wider field of vision, laying down a reality for people to observe. Songs about love and human connection in the modern world of technological reliance and ever-assuming self-identity is a reality of most people
and his latest material illustrates this to no end.

The first track is a foreboding, jazzy groove, a musical harbinger detailing a pending, chemical connection between two strangers. An easy-going bounce-beat with the lyrics detailing spontaneous flirtation between two people from opposite ends of a night club. Fairey croons “Silent disco vibes, your headphone disguise”, a poetic
description of a modern hook-up scene that dilutes pure experiences with background noise. Many remain in their own bubbles like they’re attending a silent disco, not sharing their realities.

Ironically the simulated environment designed to connect the two strangers proves to be too disruptive. They don’t
follow through with their flirtation and ultimately search for another place to finish what they began.

The video provides an enhanced visual spectacle of this scenario, depicting club-goers who are grouped together but still isolated from each other, trapped in their own heads. Colors and shapes move around
them, keeping them distracted from the truth of their existence: to chemically, physically and emotionally connect.

Watch the video below;



Written by
Barbie Edonia


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