With his new song “Like a fire,” Matt Pelt inspires other Christians.


With over a decade of leading worship in the local church, Matt Pelt developed a passion for community and songwriting. With years of writing under his belt, Matt decided to start pursuing a dream that God placed in his heart long ago. In 2021 he auditioned and was accepted into Maverick City Music’s Writing Camp as well as Bethel Music’s songwriter’s practicum. He has
been honored to write with incredible songwriters including Michael Ferren, David Leonard, and Lauren Evans. Throughout the course of his musical career, Matt Pelt has focused on worship music, but don’t be surprised if he throws several other genres in the mix.

He has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life, but his main goal is to give glory to God in all areas. In 2015 Matt was diagnosed with stomach cancer. The prognosis was that he would need massive
surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment. He had his home church pray over him and when he returned for another scan, the tumor was less than half its original size! God literally shrank the tumor in his body, and it only took a small laparoscopic surgery to remove the rest. No
chemotherapy or radiation needed. He has been cancer free ever since! He knows that if it wasn’t for the healing power of Jesus, he wouldn’t be here. With that in mind, he takes every opportunity to sing, and write songs of praise to his healer. Matt has performed at variety of venues, making dozens of appearances, and continues to record new singles. He has led worship for the Church of The Apostles for Dr. Michael Youssef of Leading the Way ministries, and several other churches. Matt has had several churches and artists pick up his songs. Chris Quilala, Alive Church in New Waverly Texas, and Delaware Worship Collective to name a few. He has been earning a reputation as a gifted lyricist who brings hard work and a great sense of humor to the
writing table. All of this is to lift the name of Jesus for all to hear because He is the prize.

I wanted to write a battle cry for the church,
and wanted it to be an anthem that brought
hope to the body! Jesus is our salvation, and
defense! This song is a call for the Lord to rise up, claim His victory, and do what only He can do! I believe praise is our weapon, but Jesus is our protector! We simply need to praise, and believe that He will rise up ‘Like a fire’!

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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