Billie Skye’s Musical Odyssey and the Emotional Tapestry of her ‘Amorous Mirage’ EP


Billie Skye in recent interview with Barbie Edonia of Chunedesk has shared her musical journey thus far and her aspirations.

Billie Skye, a star musician in the making, builds on music experiences from her early years which included watching dad rock. Music has turned into her escape portal to the world of self-knowledge and healing; it provides an opportunity for her to plunge deeper into her emotions. Aspired by artists like Raveena, Sade, and Eloise who stand out not only with their unique personal style but also with their sound, this is where she wants to be recognized for her music as well.

Her newest EP named “Amorous Mirage” reflects upon woes of heartbreaks, learning about herself and other sentimental aspects of life. Every song is a torch lighting the way between the inner struggles and the path to owning up to all challenges and be ready to grow stronger. Billie tries to communicate a feeling of oneness and love through her music, where the fashion earnestness of feelings that the listeners relate to is being promoted.

With artists like Raveena and Eloise haunting her dreams, Billie creates a new persona that stands apart with a genuineness and sincerity in her tunes and words. She imagines developing as an artist and excelling in her field until she gets the chance to play at her nearest local festival, “Splendour in the Grass next year.”

Billie is eager to get back to the studio and envisions collaborating on more songs, writing or including her compositions in films and, ultimately, gaining recognition in the music industry as well as becoming a paid songwriter. Her reality-based displays and unrelenting devotion, lead her to what we all hear and see today in the music industry.

Can you tell us about your musical background and what inspired you to pursue a music career?

I grew up watching my papa play music, which i believe inspired me to choose music as my artistic tool, but I started writing and playing so young that I really don’t know what brought it out of me to begin with. As I grew up I could never control how vulnerable I became in every situation so music was healing. It was like this tool I used to understand myself and the world around me deeper. That was the inspiration, that it helped make sense of life and being human.

Who are your biggest musical influences and how have they shaped your sound?

I have a lot of musicians I admire; Raveena, Orion Sun, Eloise, Sade, ASAP Rocky, Amy Whinehouse, Armani Caesar + more. They all carry such an original flare that translates throughout all their work. It’s this idea that you can be recognised just by your sound and the way you own your craft.

Could you share the story or inspiration behind your latest EP “Amorous Mirage” ?

Embarking on the creation of ‘Amorous Mirage’ was, for me, a profound journey through the realms of the heart, self-discovery, and unfiltered emotional expression. In this musical terrain, every emotion was considered significant and valuable, serving as a nurturing foundation for personal development. Navigating through internal conflicts and external discomfort, My EP acts as a guiding light, revealing the shadowed corners, and stands as a testament to the resilience needed for the ascent back into the light.

 Are there any specific themes or messages you strive to convey through your music?

This feeling of being connected, of feeling understood and above all the acceptance and allowances of immense, raw, honest emotion. As an emotional being, sometimes I felt as if my feelings were dramatic or did not serve a purpose but I want to embrace the reckoning of such large unfiltered expressions.

Are there any collaborations or dream collaborations you hope to pursue in the future?

My dream collaborations are; raveena, orion sun and eloise

What do you think sets you apart from other musicians in your genre?

What sets my music apart is its authenticity and rawness. Every lyric and melody in ‘Amorous Mirage’ is a genuine reflection of my heart and truth. My intention is for this authenticity to serve as a beacon, resonating with others during their own dark moments and offering solace through shared experiences

Are there any upcoming projects or releases you’re particularly excited about?

Just excited about getting back into the studio!

Looking ahead, what are your long-term goals or aspirations as a musician?

My aspirations are to really master my sound and skills as a musician, and become an original artist that stands out. I would love to get paid to write music, like a ghost writer and finally perform at my local festival ‘splendour in the grass’

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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