The Passion, Challenges, and Inspiration of The Victory’s Musical Journey


The Victory, an aspiring band with a unique blend of punk, rock, and 60s/70s pop rock, recently spoke with Chunedesk about their journey in the music industry.

The band’s inspiration for music came from their experiences of learning chords and songs through busking and school friends. Their music style encompasses elements of punk, rock, and 60s/70s pop rock, but their aim is not to fit into a specific style but to create their own definitive sound.

The Victory’s latest song, “Making some music,” is inspired by creating art purely for the love of it, rather than seeking popularity. They believe in the responsibility of songs to convey meaningful messages that can make a difference in society.

Their creative process often involves experimentation with chords on a guitar or piano, aiming to create something they genuinely enjoy and find exciting while considering how it will resonate with others.

The Victory’s music focuses on upliftment and self-worth, drawing from their own experiences and using their songs as a means of coping with and overcoming difficult times.

In live performances, they focus on putting on a good show and engaging the crowd, while still learning which songs work best for their audiences.

The Victory

Technology plays a significant role in The Victory’s music production, assisting with song preparation and video ideas. The band hopes to collaborate with Irish songwriter Phil Coulter and engage in a songwriting session with him. They find motivation and inspiration by pursuing what they love and continuously seeking growth and improvement.

The Victory acknowledges that they would never claim to be better than others in their genre but hope to distinguish themselves by taking chances, being different, and creating music that resonates with listeners.

They also acknowledge the challenges they faced in the music industry, such as recording, but express gratitude for the experience and the skill and dedication of their recording engineer, Michael Heffernan.

What initially inspired you to pursue a music career?

I went to a summer camp when i was 12 years old and it was very musical. There was a big talent show that took place and i first start learning guitar at this time and just fell in love with music, started busking in Dublin City the following year and just haven’t stopped since..

Can you tell us about your musical background and any formal training you’ve had?

I’ve had no formal training. I picked up chords and songs from either busking or school friends it was quite a musical school i attended where lots of people played guitar and it was inspiring at the time.

How would you describe your music style or genre?

Its always a tough question this i find to answer but i would say it’s got elements of punk, rock , 60’s/70’s pop rock but it’d not a conscious thing don’t aim to play a certain style but suppose we’re still searching for our own definitive sound a bit…

Who are your biggest musical influences and how have they shaped your sound?

First major influence was The Beatles, but a lot of others too such as The Libertines, The Strokes, Led Zeppelin , The Smiths , Bob Dylan , Jimi Hendrix , The Beach Boys , Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Queen.

Could you share the story or inspiration behind your latest Song ‘Making some music’?

Yeah no problem. It’s very much inspired by the idea of being pure in your art. To do it with love and not to just seek popularity only. The song is partly about the responsibly in songs to say things that need to be said in society or to try and to elevate trying make a difference to somebody in your art over trying to famous or on the radio, although that is aspiration of course in a way, being true and honest with yourself is more important

What is your creative process like when writing and composing songs?

It varies, but one common enough way for me is just being bored and messing around with a guitar or piano the make some nice chords start with either verse or a chorus then just try and make interesting and pleasing to your one ear all the way through the song. Sometimes there’s a bridge sometimes not. Depending on what you end writing about certain topics might need to have more verses than others but the aim for me is always to make something you like and get excited by yourself first then its into what other people of it next.

Are there any specific themes or messages you strive to convey through your music?

Sometimes yeah i would say so. As a person of faith it’s always in my mind not to preach but to share my outlook through the songs i write how i came to think the way i do. To uplift is always a goal in a lot songs and talk about self worth i find it’s an important message to convey. I find in my songs sometimes I’m saying what i need to hear myself to coper with whatever is going on and they do help me overcome difficult times in creating them.

How do you approach live performances and connecting with your audience?

Always try put on a good show try and engage the crowd. A lot of the time our music is quite new to the audiences we’ve played to so we’re still learning a lot about which songs work best and try create an atmosphere

Can you share a memorable or challenging moment from your music career so far?

Well i had a band in 2013 we recorded am album invested a lot into it thought it was going to lead to record deals n everything you hope for didn’t work out the band finished as a result but after that it was challenging to try and learn from the experience as opposed to letting it make you die up totally so happy to still be writing and trying to make good music

What role does technology play in your music production or performance?

In production more so than performance with us we’ve quite a traditional set up but in terms of preparing songs and video ideas it’s a huge help for us with deciding which songs to work on

Are there any collaborations or dream collaborations you hope to pursue in the future?

There’s a great Irish Songwriter called Phil Coulter. He’s someone i’d like to sit down with and have a talk with maybe write a song together.

How do you stay motivated and inspired as an artist?

Just by continuing to pursue what you love. Not becoming to static or passive but to try and grow and improve your skills in whatever way possible, it’s easy to become discouraged sometimes that’s when you need to keep playing your stuff think about what else you can learn, success comes in many forms as long as your happy with what you’re doing and trying to do your thing theres a lot to enjoy from the trying even…

What do you think sets you apart from other musicians in your genre?

I’d never claim to be better than others to be honest but i’d like to hope if we were to grow as a band to bigger heights was because we took chances and weren’t afraid to be different whether it’s through exciting melodies, inspiring lyrics or just by it making people feel good when they hear our music, we hope to do that will have to see over time if it connects with people enough..

Have you encountered any obstacles or hurdles in the music industry, and how did you overcome them?

One of Biggest obstacles i find is recording the music the way you imagined it in your mind. I have a lot of respect for Michale Heffernan who recorded this song for us came very close that for me, which was amazing really..

 What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

The feeling onstage, is a thrill like no other..

How do you balance your artistic vision with commercial considerations?

It’s not easy sometimes to use both sides of the brain needed just have treat both as necessary try not let one affect the other too much negatively but it is a funny dilemma a lot of people have. Is very easy to think the work is all done when you’ve recorded something and are happy with how it sounds. Put no one will hear it unless you try and have some form of commercial success with it. It’s an ongoing battle getting the balance right

Are there any upcoming projects or releases you’re particularly excited about?

Yes we’re going into the studio on July 1st 2023 hoping to come out with a new single from that..

How do you utilize social media and online platforms to connect with your fans?

Try to post photos or any information on all our platforms but we could definitely be better at it no doubt

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are just starting their journey?

Enjoy it always maybe lighten up sometimes but also be firm in your convictions just because someone has more experience doesn’t mean they have all the answers, trust your own judgement.

Looking ahead, what are your long-term goals or aspirations as a musician?

To do some good tours with the band. To play music festivals. Record albums. Be established as a band in our own country and others too hopefully…

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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