“Blank Slate” by THUNDERCLAP! – A Potent Preface to Compassion


With the release of “Blank Slate,” the lead track from his upcoming holiday album, THUNDERCLAP!, the legendary musical powerhouse from Niagara Falls, is sure to enthrall audiences once more. Some of the best musicians in Niagara came together to create this song, which also has backup vocals by Laurel Minnes, who is well-known for her work on hits like “Majora,” “Miniscule,” and “Laurel & Hully.” Joe Lapinski is a gifted orchestrator whose touch, which includes his unmatched triangle talents, is present in every note of the production, from recording to mastering.

“Blank Slate” delves into the heartbreaking story of the homeless population throughout the holidays, highlighting the difficulties they have because of their erratic access to warmth, food, and shelter in the winter. The narrator longs for a life free of the obstacles they encounter and expresses a deep wish to erase the sufferings they have gone through and start over.

“Blank Slate” is unique because of its dedication to spreading awareness outside of the song itself. A 45-minute documentary examining the real-life experiences of homeless people in the Niagara Region is released alongside the music. The views of aid providers, such as social workers and program coordinators, are also included, providing a complete picture of the difficulties encountered by the homeless population.

The fact that THUNDERCLAP! has been a part of Southern Ontario’s arts and culture scene for a long time is evidence of his lasting influence. THUNDERCLAP! has a varied background that includes painting, acting, directing, set design, and poetry. He infuses all of his artistic pursuits with a distinct kind of genuine surrealism. His vast musical background includes appearances with well-known performers including Mary Margaret O’hara, Bob Wiseman (Blue Rodeo), The Trews, and motivational speaker Tony Robbins, as well as a solo tour of Europe and the East Coast of Canada with Spooky Reuben.

For those who are not familiar with THUNDERCLAP!, he has been making waves with his latest album, “Strange Songs for Strange Times,” which was released on August 20, 2023. The record, which features a collaboration with Coast to Coast AM radio personality George Noory, demonstrates THUNDERCLAP!’s capacity to provide content that is both thought-provoking and genre-bending. His latest Halloween-themed track, “The Little Monster,” which was released on October 27, demonstrates his adaptability and dedication to timely and pertinent releases even more.

Along with being a musical masterpiece, “Blank Slate” also aims to raise awareness and compassion by bringing significant societal issues to light.

Stream on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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