A Cosmic Journey of Harmony and Compassion: Susiy’s “Merkabah-Starseed Version”


The multi-talented Kingston, Jamaica native Susiy has done it again with her newest single, “Merkabah-Starseed Version.” Susiy is a musical alchemist with a background in Reggae, classical music, and jazz; she effortlessly blends genres to transport her audience on a beautiful journey.

The deep impact of spirituality and nature on Susiy’s creative expression is impossible to overlook. With “Merkabah-Starseed Version,” an extraterrestrial Reggae journey that surpasses earthly limitations, she has created a musical chariot for the intellect, drawing inspiration from her extensive time spent submerged in nature. That Susiy can imbue her music with a celestial aura that touches listeners spiritually is demonstrated by this track.

Vegan and an outspoken supporter of animal rights, Susiy’s music is a musical hymn to her love for all living things. Her profound affinity for Earth and all its inhabitants shines through in the heartfelt words and affecting melodies of “Merkabah-Starseed Version.” It goes beyond mere music; it is a musical manifestation of compassion and understanding.

It’s obvious that Susiy’s goal in making music is to inspire people and create positive energy via her work. That is precisely what “Merkabah-Starseed Version” does; it facilitates the flow of good vibes and encourages introspection. Reggae rhythms and Susiy’s otherworldly singing combine to generate a calming and energizing soundscape that draws listeners in for a life-altering musical adventure.

Susiy is an artist with a mission in this chaotic world. Her dedication to using music as a vehicle to promote kindness, understanding, and compassion shines through on every track of “Merkabah-Starseed Version.” A transcendental auditory experience that touches the heart and stays with you long after the credits roll.

Finally, Susiy’s “Merkabah-Starseed Version” is an outstanding new song that demonstrates her talent, adaptability, and genuine desire to make a difference in the world. This new album is more than simply music; it’s a cosmic hug, a musical ode to love’s transformative power, and a poignant reminder that, deep inside the cosmos, we are all interdependent.

Stream on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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