Bonz3 Ushers in Hope and Optimism with “Better Day”


Get ready to be elevated as genius Afrobeats singer, Bonz3 releases his latest single, “Better Day,” on radio waves. The track features heart-pounding rhythms and captivating melodies that will undeniably energize the listeners and radiate the positive vibe across everywhere.

Bonz3 is a new artist who comes from the Afrobeats genre and his music and performances have a rich infectious sound. The mixture of traditional African roots with modern beats is leading Bonz3 to become a sensation on the music scene and to charm audiences all around the globe. Follow Bonz3 on social media for all of the latest news and announcements.

“Better Day” shows the true Afrobeats style by blending traditional African rhythms with up-to-date beats to create a lively and vigorous musical exploration. Bonz3’s magnetic vocals, and his poetic lyrics, together take the listeners by the hand and draw them on a path of bravery and optimism.

Credited to Bonz3 and KayoMusiq, this song is musically loaded with various layers that will most probably appeal not only to Afrobeats’ lovers but as well to regular music listeners. Both the catchy hooks and the infectious rhythm are expected to make it a summer hit that will revive dance floors and set off music mixes all over the world.

Talking about the very reason for the song, Bonz3 states, “I wanted to create the song that inspires and lifts up people, especially during the hard times. ‘Better Day’ is about hope and the ability to stand up in the middle of adversities; it reassures people that brighter days are ahead of them.”

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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