MICALL’s Musical Odyssey: A Journey of Self-Discovery Through Music


A fearless performer that plays the piano as well as she sings her own tunes, MICALL is a great example of authenticity in the music environment. Raised in LA yet the mixture of ethnic groups in my family with lots of musicians birthed my passion for music. Instead of toys, parents gave her a piano to replace a sadness with a more meaningful way of communicating her feelings. While at the age of four her musical talent had already really blossomed and she was very fortunate to write her first song.

Over her entire high school time, MICALL proved herself to be a very good performer in the talent show programs, but during college, she had been an open mic night actress and deliberately polished her skills and gained confidence as a performer. But it wasn’t until 2021 that she really started to make a living in this area, though. She used her 30-year history of entertainment, along with being both depressed and happy.

MICALL’s music mirrors her mixed upbringing and influences, and thus creates a sound where bits and pieces of contemporary, pop, soul, rock and, a hint of country are skillfully merged together. Besides her skills in playing complex instrument melodies and consuming captivating lyrics, an audience of all different types of people from all walks of life is drawn to her. Her lyrics reveal the intensity of human experience.They talk about the wide spectrum of human emotions from love to loss and self-discovery.

Her company, Paint A Piano Purple, is the medium MICALL uses to help people be themselves, to find peace even when there are too many challenges. By her music, she calls upon the nationwide appearance of equality and freedom for all, regardless of social status or ethnicity.

MICALL, as a musician, is different because of her fearlessness in exposing shameful things and bringing others to believe in themselves. She has that brilliant power to articulate what people feel but cannot express and her songs remain inspiring even if she is no longer around.

Immense yourself into an emotional trip while MICALL wraps you up with the best songs and heartwarming tunes that will definitely make you feel good and healed.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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