Clare Easdown Discusses her battle with depression in new single “I Break”


Australian singer Clare Easdown’s addresses her struggle with depression in a new touching single, “I break.”

This song was born out of Clare’s struggle with depression, which had a terrible effect on her and left her feeling the urge to express this difficult time via music.

“I Break” transports the listener to the weak, depressed, and completely helpless people’s hearts, giving those who have suffered the incapacitating effects of depression and other mental health illnesses the opportunity to express themselves and get empathy, those who have felt as though there is no hope for the future can also express themselves and be understood.

“I Break” addresses the profound, gloomy depths of sadness and all other mental health illnesses in general, as well as how devastating they can be for many people. Many people are affected by mental health issues every day, and this song aims to offer understanding, comfort, and a safe haven for anyone going through the debilitating lows of depression or any other mental health issues that can affect so many people.

Clare Easdown

The song starts with Clare’s vocals exclaiming “I Break” which was accompanied by percussion, strings, other synth instruments and effects that creates a catchy melodies. She then started singing, conveying the sorrow that can come from mental illness with her exquisite voice.

The song has elements of drill sound and electronic pop, with synth bass and ad lib adding flavor. Clare performed with ease, showcasing her lovely voice, and did her best to improvise throughout to produce some lovely harmonies.

In addition to speaking to listeners, the song includes catchy melodies and rhythms that will undoubtedly move them. Its midtempo beat and rhythm also make it fun to listen to.

Listen to the song on Spotify below.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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