Comprehensive Analysis of John Goldrust’s “Like a Phoenix from A Fire”


Songwriter and producer John Goldrust made an official release of his new single titled, ‘Like A Phoenix From A Fire’, after the release of his first single ‘When Said Is Done – ft. I-Lodica.

‘Like A Phoenix From A Fire’ is a song that unlocks another level of creativity from John, in terms of genre and style which makes it a level up from the first release.

After a thorough listen to the song, it combines messages from past occurrences and problems of the modern-day stressing on a line in the chorus that there’s always going to be “a better day”. ‘Like A Phoenix From A Fire’ also focuses on self-change and freeing oneself within the space of a society that seeks to entrap and restrict people from reaching their best potentials and living their best lives.

John recorded and produced the single and the acoustic version in the Goldrust Records studio in Oxford then the Guitar, Bass, and Shaker were laid down by his band members I-Lodica, Melodica Dan Glazebrook, and Jembe pulling their inspirations from reggae, folk, and Pop genres.

The instruments and production styles are unique and sound organic, distinct from the repeating instrumental works that sound almost the same and lack uniqueness these days. The lead guitar chords bring life to the instructions and the bass also elevates the energy the shakers create a catchy vibe that keeps you stuck with the song till it ends.

Also, the songwriting skills of John, his captivating melodies, and his incredible vocal range cannot be ignored when listening to the song as it comes together with the instrumentation to create that synergy that makes you fall for the song and its unique rhythm and style.

A song such as ‘Like A Phoenix From A Fire’ by John Goldrust, that seeks to compel music listeners to free their minds from entrapping situations from both their past and present lives, which has given me a lot of inspiration after listening to it several times. This song will be a great song that will change the lives of music listeners who come across it on digital platforms.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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