Gabriel Munoz Releases “Afraid To Forget You” off His Upcoming EP


Musician Gabriel Munos released his latest song off his upcoming EP titled, “Afraid To Forget You.”
The song is a calm- relaxed, fall-friendly pop ballad that puts the listener in a position to reflect on their love life. This is all about “love and loss” according to Gabriel.

In the sense that people fall in love and care for each other, show respect, companionship, loyalty, and all the best attitudes one can offer a partner in a relationship to make them feel loved and sooner or later everything falls apart and they part ways or there is a breakup.

Such situations tend to be difficult for so many people that they can’t let go of their partner even though something bad might have happened that caused the breakup, they reflect on the best times of their relationships and always wish they got their partner back.

The inspiration behind the song is incredible and Gabriel’s creativity and songwriting skills cannot be downplayed as he puts together such a thought-provoking message in a song to educate his fans and music listeners.

The instrumentation on “Afraid To Lose You” is enchanting with a gripping piano and powerful strings to compliment the compelling lyrics in the song. The smooth piano chord progression and the strings that lay down quietly and represent intermittently create a catchy groove and the calm drum patterns that hold the instructions down create a beautiful combination of tones.

The production of the song is brilliant, as the clarity of the vocals and instrumental is perfect. That is a great mix and mastering achieved on such a good song.

“Afraid To Lose You” is here to show lovers who wish to get back to their partners that there is always a choice since they believe they have some good times with g that are unforgettable and they wish for that to continue in their lives. This is a special song that needs to be on everyone’s love playlist to serve as a love motivational song.

Stream below.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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