Cong-Fusion’s “Be in Harmony” emphasizes love, trust, honesty, and loyalty


Cong-Fusion follows up on their earlier release “Rather Be” this year with another gem from their early recordings, titled “Be in Harmony.”

Led by Ryan McCaffrey, the band’s primary songwriter, this new track takes a lighter path compared to their previous hard-hitting subjects, such as bullying in “Turned Tables,” alcoholism within the family in “Don’t You Dare,” and climate change in “The World As We Know It.”

“Be in Harmony” is an easygoing, feel-good song with an infectious chorus that revolves around the theme of love. Originally released in 2015, the song holds a personal touch, drawing inspiration from Ryan’s past relationship with an ex-girlfriend.

Although that relationship soured over time, Ryan decided to rewrite some of the lyrics to emphasize the positive aspects of love. The lyrics now highlight the significance of trust, honesty, and loyalty as essential elements for love to thrive.

Ryan McCaffrey saw this song as a challenge to himself, a departure from his usual songwriting topics. He acknowledges that while there are numerous issues to address in life, love remains a valid and essential aspect.

Even the compliment expressions of love can brighten someone’s day, a fact often taken for granted. This song is the first time Ryan performs as the lead vocalist. The song also features vocals by Hayley Tabor, a longtime friend and musical collaborator.

Ryan’s decision to involve Hayley stems from her exceptional voice and his desire to expand his own vocal abilities. The title, “Be in Harmony,” is not just about musical harmonies but also the harmony that love can bring into our lives, even in the face of life’s complexities.

Listen on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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