The Supestos’ Unveils A new Anthem Called ‘La Insoportable Levedad del Fina


Finished with questions lingering, relationships teetering on the edge, and the weight of emotional turmoil—THE SUPUESTOS, in their 20th Episode and single of the Second Season titled “La Insoportable Levedad del Final,” delves into those poignant moments where bonds unravel, yet the heart clings desperately to preservation.

An independent rock anime endeavor, The Supuestos captivate with their genuine and fervent approach. Their creations intertwine music and animation into episodes that flow with a sequential frenzy, underscored by genres spanning rock, punk, indie, and garage influences.

Each season, a tapestry woven over six episodes across six weeks, narrates their sonic journey.

Born amidst the pandemic’s isolation, The Supuestos sprang to life within the minds of Kenio and Shinobi, members of Seis Pisos left without stages, yearning for their music to resonate.

A manifestation of raw artistry distinct from Seis Pisos, The Supuestos were birthed. Later, ALEX, the drummer of The Supuestos, and a key member of the legendary Mexican rock ensemble Los Amantes de Lola, joined their ranks.

The 29th Episode of their Second Season, “La Insoportable Levedad del Final,” unfurls a theme that strikes a chord in every heart. The Supuestos deliver a narrative of the aching process of witnessing a relationship’s demise.

The very fabric of the song’s lyrics, composed by KENIO, the vocalist and guitarist, bears his emotional testimony. Penned during the quarantine’s solitude, KENIO shares, “I was in a dark place with my partner, sensing the impending end. I yearned for continuation, but she eventually left our home and the city…the pain was excruciating.

Creating this song and others from our second season acted as a balm. Six months later, she returned, and while the future remains uncertain, this song echoes a part of our shared history.”

The Supuestos’ music possesses the power to delve into the depths of human connection, tapping into feelings that resonate universally. Their melodies become the canvas on which relationships, emotions, and the intricacies of life are painted. As they unveil “La Insoportable Levedad del Final,” their sonic narrative thrums with authenticity, an invitation for listeners to journey alongside them, discovering solace in shared experiences.

Stream on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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