CozyClyde presents a whole new idea with his new song titled “Mars


Sometimes, finding solitude in a completely different place or time can be beneficial for everyone. Instead of repeating the same challenges on Earth in trying to maintain a solid friendship or relationship, why not explore a whole different planet? A different mindset, location, and time period could be a solution.

The new single “Mars” by contemporary artist CozyClyde presents this fresh idea to all of us. Though the idea that CozyClyde is presenting is an excellent one, I am aware that it is not feasible, but if it were, everyone would be interested in giving it a shot just to see what happens. You know the idea Cozy is sharing? He is recommending us “Take her to Mars” due to the fact that the people who live on this planet, whether they are humans or extraterrestrials, have a difficult time keeping their composure and maintaining their substance so why not move to a different planet?

Mars is a song that is dreamy and romantic, and this suggestion or idea that Cozy is offering is all about romantic relationships or relationships between people.

The synth melodies that are utilized in the composition of the hip-hop song “Mars” are an excellent example of how the production of the genre has progressed in recent times. The delivery of Cozy’s vocals blended in very well with the synths that were being played at the performance. In my opinion, the song became more appealing as a result of the background vocals that supported the main vocals throughout the entirety of the production. The way in which the synth parts supported Cozy’s performance was also something that I thought was particularly impressive.

Cozy got inspiration from from veteran acts such as T-Pain & Pierre Bourne which influenced his performance making it charming & solid. He rhymed well and created some melodies with his rap and that shows how creative he is.

Elevate your mood by listening to it below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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