Presenting the Katakan Band’s Epic 7-Minute Song: ‘Heart Of Stone’ Inspired by the Witcher Universe


The Katakan Band is here with a 7-minute song titled ‘Heart Of Stone’ The song “Hear t of Stone” was written with the story of the Witcher Universe in mind. It will take you on an amazing adventure through a world that is filled with magic. There are times when it is intense, with metal noises and heavy percussion, but then it calms down, as if there is a suggestion of danger that is still present in your soul.

The song has a very long instrumental intro which took like 3mins before Ellen came in and start singing. and Ellen, the lead singer, said they wrote the long intro during the COVID pandemic when they couldn’t practice with the whole band. Though the two guitarists from the band met frequently and came up with many riffs which became clear that this particular riff would be one of the first they tackled once band rehearsals resumed. After that, most of the song came together easily. Also the middle break took a bit more effort, but once it fit in, they knew it would be one of the songs on their upcoming EP.

Although the tune of the song is dreary, Ellen’s voice is like a reassuring hand that guides you through the voyage, even when you are in the gloomy periods of the journey. The duration of the song is seven minutes, and I had high hopes that it would be intriguing. Indeed, it was! The song started off with powerful rock sounds, but by the time it was over, it had transformed into a mesmerizing and enchanted atmosphere.
What made this song stand out and made me love it is the lenghty intro: how the band played intense guitar riffs for that very long time and made a sudden change in the middle of the song after the instrumental introduction is just amazing.
You will love it. Enjoy on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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