Damien Fae, from New Jersey, openly shares his experiences in New song “Life Gives U Lemons”


New Jersey musical artist Damien Fae pours out his personal life experience through his new song titled “Life Gives U Lemons.” The theme of the song talks about the process of understanding yourself and pushing yourself to reach your highest potential, having the ability to withstand difficulties and situations that may come your way and looking for unity.

“Life Gives U Lemons” came about when Damien was asked about remarkable optimism during tough times. He responded, “Life gives you lessons, God gives you blessings” which became the central theme of the song. This phrase pushed Damien to write this amazing masterpiece, where he delved into his own life. Also, he created the chorus when he was in his teens, when he was experiencing moments of joy and camaraderie with his friends. Damien ponders the long trip that has led him this far, and he discovers that the difficulties he has encountered have provided him with valuable insights.

Damien did not only talked about his personal life experience in the song but he also gave listeners hope; he let us know that we have all the power to overcome any difficult situation we find ourselves in.

The thing I liked most about the song was how Damien delivered a strong message with a very low note. I also love how he relaxed for the beat and moved easily over it; I think that fits perfectly with the message he was sending. Also, people will enjoy the words and connect with them. I loved how well Damien timed his part in the song with the kick of the drum.

The song has both a pop and a relaxed vibe, and the instruments and arrangement go well with the words. The nice melody of the song came from the sounds that were played behind Damien’s singing the whole time.

The lyrics of “Life Gives U Lemon” will surely uplift your spirit, especially if you are at your lowest point in life.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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