“Hey Hey”: Jimmy Mallia’s Upbeat Song to Recovery from Alcoholism


Jimmy Mallia’s newest single, “Hey Hey,” is an upbeat song to recovery from alcoholism; it’s not just a country song. With a catchy, danceable beat reminiscent of a barroom singalong, the song, which was released on October 25th, takes listeners on an energetic trip through Mallia’s personal struggles with excessive drinking.

The upbeat, catchy song tackles the weighty subject of alcoholism head-on. Instead, Mallia deftly incorporates innuendos into the lyrics that anyone familiar with the struggles of addiction may relate to. Despite popular belief, “Hey Hey” isn’t a depressing song. Mallia wrote the song to be a positive anthem for those who have triumphed over alcoholism.

During an interview, Mallia discusses the song’s origins and how his experience in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) shaped its development. He aims to debunk the impression that sobriety is equated with solemnity by emphasizing the joy and camaraderie found in recovery. With the addition of a standup piano and guitar, the outcome is a boisterous and energetic composition that embodies the spirit of a classic country song.

Even though he’s 59 years old, Mallia still uses his life experiences to inform his music. He overcame the challenges of a difficult divorce, brought up three daughters alone, and is now a grandfather to three. He was born and raised in Galveston, Texas. According to Mallia, his life is like a “Netflix story” with many subplots; “Hey Hey” is a snapshot of his road to sobriety following forty years of drinking.

As Mallia describes his hardships, the sincerity of his lyrics makes “Hey Hey” an intimate and accessible song. Subtly using the phrase “Hey Hey” to hide any mention of AA brings a special touch, making it more welcoming to people who have been through the same thing.

Both the song’s message and Mallia’s own dedication to sobriety demonstrate his commitment to recovery. He talks about how bad things got and how important it is for people to discover their own road to recovery, encouraging his audience to do the same. From a life of heavy drinking to one full of joy, family, and fresh ideas, the song captures his metamorphosis.

Sincere and melodic, Mallia’s “Hey Hey” conveys a message of optimism and resilience that will strike a chord with AA veterans. This song symbolizes Mallia’s unwavering commitment to being an inspiration, sharing his experiences, and living life to the fullest. A celebration of the positive aspects of sobriety, “Hey Hey” is more than just a song thanks to its infectious chorus and energetic energy.

Stream below.

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Barbie Edonia


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