Daschenka Project Drops Their Soulful Groove ‘Spinning Round’


Daschenka Project Drops Their Soulful Groove ‘Spinning Round’: A Contemporary Anthem of Healing and Finding Lightness Amidst Life’s Challenges”

Daschenka Project is a funky trippin’ soul band from Basel, Switzerland.

Dascha Lüscher commonly known in the music space as Dascha is the frontline woman of the band and Steffi Klär, Nza Smith, Christina Moes-Germi, and Rebekka Meier are the Backing vocalists.

Jean-Pierre von Dach performs as the guitarist, Michael Chylewskiv performs as the Bassist, Peter Wagner as the Keyboardist,
Johannes Gutfleisch as the Drummer, Charlotte Lang performs as the saxophonist, Moritz Renner performs with the Trombone and
Noah Eiermann with the Trumpet.

Together with their talents and skills, they create good music for their fans and music lovers.

The band released their debut album on vinyl with Burning Sole Records with 8 songs on 29th May 2023 under the title ‘Spinning Round’.

Featuring 4 Original songs and 4 funked-up eighties cover songs. The Eighties Session“ for their debut was five of their favorite songs from the 80s – Simple Minds‘ „Don‘t you (forget about me)“ „Sledgehammer“ by Peter Gabriel, Chris Isaak’s „Wicked Game“, „Rebell Yell“ by Billy Idol
and „Sign o‘ the Times“ – originally by Prince.

Where 4 of these songs are already released digitally, the rest will be released throughout this year.
The band is focused on distributing their songs all over the world for their fans and other music lovers around the world to get a feel of their talents and good music.

Hence, Daschenka Project has been able to increase their number of followers on social media from 300 to around 4500 within a few months. Their two videos have over 300,000 views on Facebook alone. This is a remarkable success, and one can be curious about where the journey will go.

Daschenka Project recently released a single titled “Spinning Round”, and according to Dascha, “We all know those arguments where you go round in circles and can’t reach a consensus”.

In this song, the Basel singer Dascha Lüscher has put the pain of the never-ending discussions in her failed marriage into the song.

“Spinning Round” is not a melancholic ballad, however, but a contemporary soul with an earthy groove and a sound reminiscent of Jamiroquai, with the guitar solo by guitarrero Jean-Pierre Von Dach (playing with Joss Stone in Europe) coming along with a load of blues rock.

Dascha tells her story freshly and freely in a warm, charismatic voice, garnishing the chorus with rich polyphonic vocals, a deep passion of Dascha’s.

According to Dascha, “The world doesn‘t offer much cause for hope right now: after the pandemic follows a war in the middle of Europe, climate catastrophe is
looming, and many of us are falling into a vague sadness”.

Therefore, Daschenka Project sets a counterbalance to this contemporary melancholy: the
groovy, earthy music creates fertile ground for lightness, on which Dascha Lüscher talks in a charismatic, warm voice about the things in life that we all encounter: about rampant consumerism and self-optimization, about secret desires and hide-and-seek, of pointless conflicts that lead nowhere, of hardened fronts and the desire for more harmony, in short: of injury and healing, of pain and pleasure.

“Spinning Round” is a song that fits well in the current times, where we often get lost in heated debates and conflicts with no consensus in sight – but at the same time leaves you with such a sunny and feel-good feeling that you’re guaranteed to let it go during the next argument.”

Listen below;


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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