Plunky & Oneness Release New Single “I’ll Be There” with a Reggae Twist!


As Plunky & Oneness drop their newest track, “I’ll Be There,” be prepared for something unique from them. Plunky’s passionate voice and moving lyrics are featured in this brand-new single, which combines R&B and reggae influences.

The theme of “I’ll Be There” is constancy and loyalty, with a lover professing their dedication to a lifelong spouse. Plunky wrote the song’s melody and lyrics, and his son Fire and DJ Diallo created the drill rhythm track. Plunky’s emotional delivery and the harmonies of his supporting vocalists enhance the song’s profound message, which is highlighted by the straightforward yet entrancing reggae rhythm.

A gorgeous music video that showcases amazing views of the tropical environment was shot in Montego Bay, Jamaica, to go along with the album’s release. The song’s impassioned assertion is set against a melancholy setting in a video that was filmed by Fire and edited by Plunky.

A glimpse of “I’ll Be There” was already played on DJ Papa D’s show, the MC and music director of Dub Party FM Radio in Jamaica, to a resounding response from his audience. When asked about his enthusiasm, Plunky said, “The feedback from Papa D and his audience has been incredible and confirms the vibrancy of the track and the universal sentiment of the song.”

For more than 50 years, Plunky has been a pioneer in Afro-centric jazz, funk, and go-go.

His music promotes positive, uplifting, and cultural awareness. Plunky has consistently progressed and experimented with diverse genres, from house/disco successes in the 1980s to urban/contemporary sounds in recent years, with multiple successful albums throughout his career, including the historic African Rhythms record with Oneness of Juju.

According to ‘Plunky’ he wouldn’t say this is a new route since they have discovered some reggae vibes.  He will therefore continue to write and produce a wide range of music, including experimental cosmic jazz, Afro-beats, R&B funk, and more.

To Plunky & Oneness’ rich discography, “I’ll Be There” unquestionably offers another outstanding piece of music that highlights their ongoing development and creative exploration.

Prepare to dance to Plunky and the band’s distinctive fusion of reggae and soul as they continue to push boundaries and venture into uncharted musical realms.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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