Discover Christophe Madrolle, A Musician who supports LGBT+ inclusivity through his music


Christophe attended his first Pride in 2002.
But his life as an activist took a turn on February 14, 2012, when he was featured in an article on Rue 89 (Le Nouvel Observateur). What an “original” way to celebrate Valentine’s Day: coming out as pansexual on a national media!
He has been watching things evolve for 10 years. “Step by step, society has changed (and continues to change) and a new generation is dealing with issues of gender identity”.
This album “PRIDE” symbolically celebrates the ten anniversary of this coming-out and, at the same time, his activism within LGBT+ community and with his musical and video creations.

“Honestly, I don’t think I can change the world with songs, but music has this particular ability to go everywhere and to leave a mark, a message.
Through this project, I would like to thank all the people who have trusted me and inspired me. Committed people, both alive and dead. Artists, witnesses, victims, actors of our community.
The booklet retraces the highlights of my journey as an artist and as an activist.• In his music and video-clips, Christophe highlights the diversity of the LGBT+ community.”-Christophe

Stream ‘Pride’ on spotify Below;

Since 2009, he’s fought to naturalize his androgynous looks, as well as all non-heterosexual sexualities, as shown in « Enquête » (Album « Grafitures » – 2009), « Mon Paradis », « Le Point G » et « Où est le Chat ? » (Album « Le Point G » – 2011), « We Are », « Hide and Seek », « Young And » et « No Excuse » (Album « We Are The Love » – 2016).
He features Tonya Loren, singer for Sister Queen, in « L’Erreur ».
For le clip « We Are », Christophe invites several LGBT+ NGOs to appear in the project and thus give visibility to their cause. Among those who responded: SOS homophobie, Le Refuge, Bi’Cause, Flag, Homobus, Long Yang Club et Equivox.

Christophe created Coming Alive, a documentary project featuring a collection of testimonies from victims of LGBT- phobia.
This film was conceived as a teaching-tool for NGO and schools as part of a program to fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
The project quickly received the support of Bi’Cause, Le Refuge, SOS homophobie and Garçon Magazine.

In 2017, the project received the internet users’ prize from the readers of Têtu and Garçon Magazine during the “Initiatives against homophobia and transphobia” sponsored Le Refuge and the Randstad Institute.
In 2017, Christophe directed the clip “Jeune et” with actor Maxime Godart (Le Petit Nicolas) to raise awareness about family rejection, prostitution, drug use and suicide of LGBT+ youth. Maxime Godart is also the sponsor of Coming Alive.
The film participates in the “Diverciné” festival at Compiègne and is selected for several international festivals.
The film opens on Dec 2020 at the 3rd District City Hall of Paris to much celebration by the media, other NGO, as well as public and political figures.

Christophe releases an EP of duets with LGBT+ artists (including Maïk Darah and Jann Halexander) to benefit Bi’Cause.
The EP was  released on May 17, 2021 for the “International Day Against LGBTphobia”.
It is dedicated to late artists and friends of Bi’Cause: Sébastien Gruchet, Thomas Polly and Jean-Philippe David.
The clip “No Excuse (feat. Benjamin Parker)” was shot at IDM Sauna (a gay establishment in Paris) and with several artists from the LGBT+ community, including the actress Stella Rocha.
The clip was directed by Dylan El Kara, a young engaged director discovered on social media.

The EP “We Are The Love – The Duets” served as Bi’Cause 25th anniversary theme-song, which was celebrated in 2022.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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