Princess Ella Sticks To Her Roots In New EP “Inception”


Princess Ella’s appearance causes many to speculate about her origin. The work is meant to dispel the widespread belief that she is not of Nigerian descent.

A new EP she’s titled “Inception” shows her displaying the raw vitality of her culture, but she hasn’t strayed from being authentic or faithful to her roots.
The cover art alludes to her heritage and the artistic prowess of her people, the Edo of southern Nigeria. The EP solidly reaffirms the young and energetic Nigerian singer’s established foundation in the Afrobeat genre. She has dedicated herself fully to her work.

The 8 songs are fine to listen to quickly. Get an overview of the music and its themes. It’s nice to have the creative outlet provided by these songs.

The first song, titled “Hypnotized,” tells the story of a young woman who allows a man to thoroughly hypnotize her.

The song’s title, “Rora,” describes it perfectly: it’s a laid-back love song with a Chris Brown vibe. However, this is an existing project that has had tremendous success.

“Moving On” is a house music/Amanpiano song with uplifting lyrics to help people get through tough times.

The genuine short story titled “Ojuju” centers on an abusive relationship that exists between a husband and his wife. The objective is to get women to abandon abusive partners at home. The message of the song is to encourage women to leave abusive relationships.

“Abeg” means “Please” and is a song about how the singer doesn’t want any bad people in her life because she just wants to be happy all the time.

The song “Trust In You” poses the question, “Will you be there when I need you?” since it is about relying on others and wondering if they will do the same for you.

The protagonist of “Mi so so” is a girl who is preoccupied with her own thoughts while she waits for the person, she likes to call her back.

The final song is titled “Your Love,” and it’s about how the love of a guy has driven her mad. With every track breakdown, it becomes more and more clear that this EP is one of the greatest of the year.

This EP by Princess Ella will make you feel a wide range of emotions. There is zero downside to picking this up. The entirety of “Inception” should be enjoyed.

Stream Full EP Below;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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