Discover IA’s new release “I need you”


IA’s latest release, “I Need You,” serves as a captivating exploration into diverse musical realms. The artist’s decision to experiment with new genres reflects a dynamic approach to their craft, aiming to connect with a broader audience. Maintaining anonymity, IA ensures that the focus remains on the music itself, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the emotional journey woven into the tracks.

Rooted in the soul and influenced by various artists and genres from around the world, IA’s music becomes a rich tapestry of sonic influences. “I Need You” represents a departure into a fresh style that, while always appreciated, has now found expression. The artist’s willingness to explore different musical avenues adds a layer of authenticity to the release.


The transparency in IA’s creative process is evident in the personal connection to “I Need You.” Written in the aftermath of a breakup, the song becomes a heartfelt expression of finding solace and deserved love. This emotional resonance infuses the music with a genuine, relatable quality that resonates with listeners on a deep level.

As a representation and extension of IA’s identity, “I Need You” becomes a poignant chapter in their musical journey. The willingness to share personal experiences through music adds sincerity to the composition, making it not just an artistic endeavor but a cathartic release. IA’s dedication to exploring different genres and pushing creative boundaries makes “I Need You” a testament to the evolving nature of their musical identity.

In essence, “I Need You” is a sincere and authentic expression of personal growth, love, and the transformative power of music in the artist’s life. It invites listeners to join IA on a journey of self-discovery through a captivating blend of genres and emotions.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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