Discover T.Y. Zefeniya’s Most Recent Single, “Correct,” here.


Being an Englishman of Zimbabwean descent who was born in Luton, T.Y Zefeniya has always liked music and been surrounded by it. He starts making songs as soon as he speaks. Beginning at church, he realized that music might provide happiness, so one day he made a song as a joke. ‘Petty’ went on to become one of his most well-known songs, and surprisingly, people enjoyed it. Then he understood that this might actually be his future. After that, he recorded a few strange songs and posted them on SoundCloud until he had his first breakup, at which point he created his first official song, “correct.”

T.Y. grew up in a musically inclined family because both of his parents are musicians. He has therefore been exposed to many various genres, although Rema, S1mba, and Burna Boy are the key Afro-swing and Afro beats performers who have influenced him.

“Correct” is just one of my releases; he also has a four-track EP called antisocially unacceptable out, each of which has a different vibe—some are energizing, others are soothing—and he is currently working on his debut album, which will have eight songs and two of them will be pre-releases.

Stream ‘Correct’Below;

He asserts that everyone who wants to restore the greatness of Afro swing should listen to music. He concentrated on showcasing a wide range of sounds and personalities on each song in his upcoming album “unaware & unavailable” so that there would be at least one song for everyone, while yet maintaining his own district style and making the most of his broad vocal range and distinctive voice. Each song in his discography was written and recorded by him as a solo artist, giving each song an authentic feel.

“As a musician I strive to make music that people can connect to and enjoy with their full hearts and hope that my fanbase will grow from the small community that I appreciate to a large collective that will shake to global music scene and help solidify all types of African rooted genres as essential parts of music”- Zefeniya

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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