Chloe Talks about regaining control over one’s life with ‘Rattling Bones’


From Staéordshire in the heart of central England,Chloë Chadwick is a career musician who has built her reputation through unadulterated passion for her craft and genuine grit. Her formative years saw a wealth of performance experience develop as she played the club and festivalcircuits across the French Alps,Italy, Balearic Islands and at home in the UK.

With a love of the open road,Chloë is never closer to home than when performing onstage.She has a long history of live performance with many hundreds of gigs under her belt.Extending from intimate independent venues through to large festivals and almost everything in between,Chloë’s diverse appealhas seen her perform at C2C Festivalat Londons 02 Arena,and other countless festivals, sharing the bill with The Shires,Ward Thomas,NikkiLane,Sam Outlaw,and many other familiar names.

Since her debut album ‘Dustbowl Juke box’, of which topped the UK Country iTunes charts back in 2017, alongside a whole host of festivals and a UK album tour reaching 7 major cities,Chloe took a wellearned break after 15 years of performing non stop across the UK & Europe.However, she is now back in full swing,and we can’t wait to hear all about her exciting new single!

“Rattling Bones, is finally out on all platforms since Friday 5th May .

“Working on new material deênitely took longer than expected, but this time, there was no room for error or mistakes, it just had to be right and I’m really pleased with the outcome of Rattling Bones. The foundations of the song actually came about nearly a decade ago. I’ve had it in my collection of demos just waiting to be picked up again and ênished. Lock down gave me a great opportunity to re-work some of these demo’s and bring them to life, as well as work on new material.  Rattling Bones was one song that I knew had great potential. Turns out it’s now my êrst single this year and I’m really excited for its release.”- Chloë

The song is about taking back control of ones life. It’s a positive empowerment story with a dark undertone. A story of empowerment, not one of being empowered by another, but it’s about taking your power back, and knowing when to make the decision that enough is enough and not be willing to continue to be treat badly.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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