Discover the Joyful Sounds of Gianfranco GFN’s New Song ‘Sunshine (And I had a dream)’


“Gianfranco GFN’ has unveiled a new song titled ‘Sunshine (And I had a dream)’ where he collaborated with David Caraccio, Nicolas Pittet, , Claude-Alain Biedermann and Vladimir Crabone has unveiled a new song titled ‘Sunshine (And I had a dream)

“Sunshine (And I had a dream)” has old-style guitar sounds and the lively feel of today’s music and It is part of his upcoming album. “Sunshine (And I had a dream)” captures the feeling of dreaming while dealing with everyday problems thus in simple terms, the theme of the song is about having hope and big dreams, even when faced with challenges in life therefore the words in the lyrics encourage people to aim high.

The song begins with a beautiful guitar tune which was played by Gianfranco GFN,  David Caraccio on bass and Nicolas Pittet on drums, Claude-Alain Biedermann adds more layers with the keyboard. Vladimir Crabone did the singing which added more spice to the song. His strong and lively performance brings out the feelings of the song’s theme. The way the song was arranged is just amazing, letting each instrument stand out while still sounding like one good mix. The quality of how it’s made is excellent, making sure that the feelings in the song come through clearly and strongly.

The way the bass and guitar were played together created a joyful sound that fits the title perfectly. The song has magical moments, like when whistling and keyboard sounds are added, making it even more. The rhythm of the song is happy and makes me want to dance with joy. Overall, it’s a song about staying strong and hopeful, like a symbol of shared happiness and freedom.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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