Lil Zibs Starts the Year with the Inspiring Anthem ‘One Day’ Featuring JayRoddy”


You see the feeling of making the life you want, believing it’s already here, and living as if it is, “Lil Zibs kick off the year with a new powerful and motivating rap anthem. titled “One day” which talks about this theme; featuring JayRoddy.

“ONE DAY” is about creating the life you want, believing it’s already here, and living as if you’re already in it. Lil Zibs dedicates this song to the hardworking individuals striving for their big break. His goal is to instantly motivate listeners, urging them to take action and ignite the fire needed to achieve their goals.

Lil Zib delivers a strong, aggressive performance in the chorus and first verse, while JayRoddy brings a smooth, melodic flow in the second verse as the featured artist.

In the song, the rapping is mostly melodic, and Zach uses ad-libs cleverly. He shows excellent breath control as he smoothly tells stories with long and rhythmic parts.  The catchy hook in the song makes it stick in your head like a catchy tune.

The background beat also adds energy to the song effortlessly. What i admire most about this song is the drumming; the drumming in the song helps it move smoothly, with a little crunch on the kicks and deep bass sections. Add in the proud snare and the bouncy hi-hats, and you get a really enjoyable listening experience. The mix of the song is done well, keeping it powerful and loud from start to finish. This brings all the different parts of the music together really nicely.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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