Dokrian Releases The Official Video Of his Track, Agogo


Dokrain, is a Nigerian-Italy based hip-hop and Afro-pop artist. Few years ago he formed a group called “Dokrain & Gtboy” and a record label called D&G Entertainment together with his friend . They released couple of songs through their brand name and they still have few projects coming up. They participated in different projects like LIBERA IL TUO SOUND (it was awareness against human trafficking) incollaboration with the European Union, and Caritas (Human rights and immigration) etc. They have had a couple of gigs, performing at clubs, festivals etc. As a solo artist with the name Dokrain he just released his latest single called “Agogo” and it official video is finally out.

Agogo was released few months ago and the music video was released two weeks ago.  Agogo is a song that touches every aspect of our everyday lives, it’s a song that calls for freedom ( stop enslaving humanity and stop political propaganda on humanity). “On everyday activities you see people we give power, using same power to oppress us and taking away our rights as humans, playing political propaganda on our lives daily and that is modern slavery in every aspect (even psychological) this got to stop because we all have to come together and put a stop to all of it”.

Watch the official video below

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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