Don Rainy Bursts into the music scene with “Tell me why you’re here”


Introducing himself to the music scene, Don Rainy, born Ousman Jeng in Banjul, Gambia, makes a captivating debut with his first single, “Tell Me Why You’re Here.” This soulful love song not only showcases his musical talents but also highlights his unique blend of English and Wolof lyrics, reflecting his rich Senegalese-Gambian heritage.

Born in 1989, Don Rainy grew up surrounded by the vibrant musical culture of Banjul, Gambia. Now based in Helsinki, Finland, he pays homage to his Senegalese father’s musical legacy through his debut single. This transition from Banjul to Helsinki becomes a significant part of his musical journey, influencing the sounds and themes he brings to his art

“Tell Me Why You’re Here” by Don Rainy is not just a song about love; it’s about feelings like love and finding out about yourself. Don Rainy’s singing is touching and can be liked by people all over the world. What makes this song special is that he sings in both English and Wolof, showing his diverse background.

Coming from a musical family, Don Rainy draws inspiration from his upbringing and carries forward his father’s legacy in the world of music. While “Tell Me Why You’re Here” showcases his soulful side, it’s only the beginning. Fans can anticipate a display of his versatile skills in future tracks, promising a musical journey that goes beyond the boundaries of language and culture.

Simply put, Don Rainy’s first song is a happy acknowledgment of his background, mixing different languages, and an invitation to enjoy the various sounds he offers.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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