Roscoe Crawley shares Prophetic Anthem of Hope for the Youth titled “Worthy is Your Name”


“Worthy is Your Name” by Roscoe Crawley emerges as a powerful and prophetic declaration crafted with the younger generation in mind. This heartfelt song seeks to unite young people in worship, fostering a revival and bringing them back to God through a compelling anthem.

The song’s genesis traces back to a prayer meeting at the start of 2021, where Roscoe and friends fervently prayed for a revival among students. The desire was for these young hearts to experience the power of Jesus’ name. As the prayer evolved in the following days and weeks, the concept for “Worthy is Your Name” took shape. Roscoe envisioned a song that encapsulated the essence of their prayer, a musical embodiment of hope.

The chorus, crafted first, serves as a prayer of hope and sets the tone for the entire song. Roscoe continued to pray into the lyrics, and soon, melodies unfolded, leading to the creation of a prophetic bridge—a powerful declaration embedded within the song. The vision behind “Worthy is Your Name” was clear: to birth a song that could resonate in worship settings of various sizes, from intimate living room gatherings to larger Sunday services.

At its core, “Worthy is Your Name” is more than just a song; it’s a prayer with a mission. Roscoe dreams that this song becomes a vehicle for the lost to find freedom in Jesus. The overarching hope is that anyone who listens to this anthem encounters the transformative love of God. The lyrics are intentional, aiming to stir the hearts of the younger generation and lead them into a deeper connection with their faith.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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