Edley Shine, Formerly of Born Jamericans, Unleashes a New Hip-Hop and Dancehall Reggae Masterpiece: ‘Grow


Edley Shine, the illustrious artist formerly part of Born Jamericans, has just dropped a sizzling new single that fuses hip-hop and dancehall reggae – “Grow.” This track serves as a reflection on the current state of dancehall reggae, delving into both its successes and setbacks.

Fresh from his appearance on Fox 5’s “Lion Lunch Hour” talk show and the fiery release of “Billi,” Edley Shine is back with “Grow” (Shinealous/One RPM). In this new banger, the seasoned artist shares his lyrical perspectives on the ever-evolving landscape of dancehall reggae, touching on the highs and lows the genre has experienced.

As the baritone deejay marks his 30th anniversary in the industry, “Grow” represents a full-circle moment where profound creativity, decades of experience, and deeply-held beliefs converge. This groundbreaking track is produced by XIXI Music Group in collaboration with Edley Shine.

The visual companion for “Grow” is brought to life by DigitalCinema8 Productions and was filmed during a world tour in Ecuador. Edley Shine uses this platform to articulate his views on the state of dancehall reggae, stepping outside the conventional boundaries of the Caribbean market.

The lyricist known as “Da Big Voice” sees “Grow” as a statement piece that sets him apart from the prevailing direction of the culture. While many artists are pushing against traditional norms and bending the moral compass of Caribbean culture to gain traction on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, Edley Shine is championing a brand of music he considers culturally tasteful.

Edley Shine emphasizes, “One can ‘Grow’ without being morphed into something unrecognizable.” He acknowledges that the new song stands apart from what younger generations are promoting as dancehall reggae to the world.

“At some point, shock value loses its ‘shock,'” he continues. “I have always confidently gone against the grain while remaining steadfast in my heritage as an outsider to the culture.”

While Edley Shine is a proponent of musical evolution and believes in the youth carrying the torch, he finds it challenging to defend some of the new images and styles emerging in the global market, much to the chagrin of his dedicated fan base.

Stream Below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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