Embark on a Spiritual Journey with Felipe Debrand’s Long-Awaited Album ‘Contigo Dios


The long-awaited album “Contigo Dios,” by Dominican musician Felipe Debrand, has finally been released.

With the help of the Unity School for Teachers of Puerto Rico’s worldwide ministerial program, Felipe Debrand, a well-known international Christian musician, developed his understanding and depth of the spiritual realm and developed his songwriting abilities in the process. He had the wonderful blessing of harvesting divine concepts that he keeps in mind every time God speaks to him during his years of ministerial studies. These concepts are the basis for his songs.

His first release for 2023 is this. You will undoubtedly experience a unique spiritual journey as a result of the album’s engaging tracks.

The 11 tracks on the album were produced in part by Angel La Clave, Junior Danel, Eliezer Morla Morban, Robert Martinez Lebron, and Eliezer Morla Morban. Felipe’s inner powers and spiritual objectives guided these outstanding producers as they worked to make beautiful music.

Contigo Dios contains songs that address God and praise him among other topics. The songs are intended to transport listeners to a world of music where they can connect with their faith and find comfort in the presence of God.

Pop ballads and ballads of other genres were recorded on the album. These genres are combined with lyrics that are infused with faith and dedication to produce an original and thrilling musical experience.

“During my years of Ministerial studies, I have had the great blessing of reaping divine ideas that I keep every time God speaks to me. It is those ideas that serve as inspiration for my songs. God is with us always, and is beautiful when we can acknowledge his presence in everything and everyone.”

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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