Embark on musical journey with WAB through “Sunny Days”


WAB, a seasoned musician, skillfully crafted both the music and lyrics for the latest composition, “Sunny Days.” This musical masterpiece serves as a heartfelt ode to the night, acting as a nostalgic journey that brings us back to our core, particularly as it descends upon the city.

The auditory landscape of “Sunny Days” is a dynamic blend, traversing between a melancholic and energetic ambiance. This duality is beautifully captured through a reggae couplet that exudes a mellow tone and a pop refrain that injects vibrant energy into the composition. The auditory experience is further enriched by the enveloping embrace of powerful, deep bass, creating a sonic cocoon that wraps around the listener.

Within the musical arrangement, the distinctive sounds of the piano Fender Rhodes and the Clavinet serve as poignant reminders that the soulful essence is a constant presence in WAB’s creations. These elements, thoughtfully incorporated, contribute to the unique and recognizable musical color that characterizes WAB’s work.

WAB took on the roles of producer, recording engineer, and arranger, overseeing every nuance in his studio, the W-Studio. This hands-on approach not only speaks to his technical proficiency but also underscores his dedication to crafting a sound that is true to his vision.

WAB’s musical journey spans an impressive 25 years on stage, where he has shared the spotlight with a diverse array of accomplished artists. Whether in solo beatbox “looper” performances or as part of a group, WAB has graced the stage alongside luminaries such as Maceo Parker, Noa, Michel Jonasz, Bernard Lavilliers, FFF, Bazbaz, Fabulous Trobadors, Hot8, Electro Deluxe, and more. As an experienced beatboxer, he not only records but also plays the majority of instruments, showcasing his versatility as a musician and the depth of his musical prowess. In addition, WAB lends his voice to all vocal elements, showcasing a one-of-a-kind ability to bring his artistic vision to life across various facets of the creative process.

Stream “Sunny Day” on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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