Jordana Delgado Adds a Touch of Spice to Christmas with Her Piano Version of “Somewhere In my Memory”


Jordana Delgado recently released “Somewhere In My Memory,” a piano instrumental cover of the original song written by John Williams, which makes the Christmas season even more captivating and joyful. This comes after the release of her popular single “Autumn Leave.”

Jordana decided to take a more personal approach for this one, and she used a small upright piano in her home studio. Akashic Records managed the recording, mixing, and mastering. The sound they created gives listeners the impression that they are right there with Jordana, and watching her unique and personal performance.

John Williams released the original song in 1990 and it was added as a soundtrack for the famous movie “Home Alone”

This brand new rendition of “Somewhere in My Memory” on the piano takes us to the memories we have from our childhood. Christmas trees, lights, carols, and presents are all things that come to mind. Imagine being surrounded by the people you care about while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate by the fire.

Jordana wanted to create a unique rendition of this well-known song as a way to pay tribute to her aunt, who passed away a few years ago; her aunt was a huge fan of the original song. This is the inspiration behind this creation.

She posted this instrumental cover on her channel in June 2021, and now she has professionally recorded it for release. This cover was included as part of a series of piano arrangements that she created to delight her subscribers on YouTube.

Stream on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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