Embracing Faith Through Music: Benito Torres’ Debut Release ‘Solo en ti confío'”


Benito Torres comes into the limelight with his first record, “Solo en ti confío.” Through the years, while he has composed music across different genres, it is technically the time that Benito chooses to expose his talents to the world. Starting as a member of the church’s praise group with a multilanguage approach, Benito has discovered musical excellence across different instruments, such as the saxophone, flute, bass, and guitar.

” Solo en ti confío” is a proof that Benito’s permanent trust in a greater power is unconditional. As portrayed by this song, the mission it to express the value of putting one’s trust on divine guidance even in the face of adversities and unforeseen situations. Himself drawing from the experiences of his life and reflections, Benito dissuades from the topic of trusting in a Higher Being to guide and protect us while traveling through life’s journey.

There is a huge discography waiting to be released to the world, and the Benito Torres’ debut album came as just the teaser of his musical journey. His soulful lyrics and emotionally charged melodies, which enable the listeners to look in into their own faith and accept the thought that everything that takes place serves a specific purpose. “Aún sólo en ti confío”, is a song that can give us lessons about life because sometimes we don’t get what we asked for from the universe, but we do end up where we really are supposed to be.

Starting with his first steps in the music industry, “Solo en ti confío” is a relic that not only shows what a great singer and talented songwriter he is, but also reflects the depth of his devotion to his craft. Whenever he sings, he invites the listeners to join him on the pilgrimage of the spiritual, artistic, and scientific reflection and enlightenment, and makes us all believe that we shouldn’t be afraid of the uncertainties of the world when we have trust and faith in our lives.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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