Emilio T Tarallo Takes Jazz to New Heights with Latest Single ‘Parallelo’


The hottest newcomer to the music scene, Emilio T Tarallo, just released his newest single,” Parallelo,” from his album “Operazione San Gennaro” -now available on all major streaming platforms. “Parallelo” is arguably Emilio T’s most versatile work to date in which he combines jazz and underground flavor trumpet, bass, and drums recorded in on shot.

“Parallelo” is a piece that can take listeners to their favorite places – home or stroll – to immerse themselves in its infectious tune. He took the inspiration from artists like Jazz Rhyming Scheme, Grimm, and Lee Morgan, a renowned jazz legend. Therefore, he has created his art by mixing jazz and hip-hop culture.

The title of the song “Parallelo” actually carries a meaning in Naples when people use it colloquially to describe clothes that are “good as the original.” Emilio T manages to brilliantly capture this concept, bringing out the irony in people spending money on “Parallelo” clothes only as a premise that they’re getting original ones. This witty allusion to life in Napoles is another dimension to the song’s plot, and also demonstrates the keen observation of Emilio T.

Born in Battipaglia andhaving been shaped by the atmosphere of dominant hip-hop culture in Naples, Emilio T’s musical experience makes him travel from Europe to Latin America and even back. Thanks to his experience with Balkumbia in Barcelona, Emilio T couldn’t resist the siren’s call of jazz as part of the collective of Jazz Cicle Barcelona.

While Emilio T works on his forthcoming album, he also takes a role of an artistic director in a cultural hub based in Barcelona to remind everybody of his continuing passion for creativity and partnership in the music world. With “Parallelo”, Emilio T Tarallo calls people to experience with him the sound voyage that oversteps both territorial and genre limits, setting up the ultimate proof of the power that music has in itself.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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