Énaé releases Debut Single ‘Time’ And It Accompanied Video


Toulouse’s Morgane Rameau, 22, released her first song, “Time”, under the name Enaé. “I used the last three letters of my first name backwards and I added é, she explains. É for spirit, elevation; é for eros – I like to be in the drive, in the moment.” Enaé visibly takes pleasure in analyzing things, the result, no doubt, of his degree in psychology and sociology at Jean-Jaurès University.

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Before that, Enaé traveled a lot. Born in Paris, she lived three years in New York, in her early childhood, alongside a father of Haitian origin who settled there. And then she returned to France, to Arras, alongside a psychologist mother “and painter”, she specifies. In the Rameau family, the artistic sense is very pronounced. “My little sister is a professional modern jazz dancer. My other sister is in her 3rd year of theater at Cours Florent in Paris. As for me, I learned piano and singing at the Arras conservatory.” Choosing to go to the South for her higher education, Enaé wanted “a change of scenery, to discover something else”. She did it again by deciding to dedicate herself fully to song, in a very modern register, between soul, jazz and R’n’B. And that gives “Time”, a well-constructed melody whose theme is deeper than it seems. “I address the question of time, which can be a healing (it takes time to heal its wounds) while being a destruction because it leads to death.” To illustrate her point, Enaé chose to shoot his clip, signed Yannick Royo, in a desert, in this case that of Bardenas, in Spain, an “extraordinary place, just 5 hours by car from Toulouse”.

The singer can be proud of this neat video, despite the lack of means. And she is all the more so since she financed it herself, “by doing odd jobs”. Enaé does not intend to stop at this first attempt.

Watch the official video of  ‘Time’ below

Her next song, “You”, will be released in two weeks with a new shoot scheduled for early April, “probably in Auvergne”. The great traveler will continue her odyssey towards success. She takes the time to build her identity as an artist. But also knows that you have to take the bull by the horns: time flies so quickly through your fingers.

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