Enjoy the personal musical journey of Issara Sophmore with “222”


Issara sophmore’s latest studio album “222”, produced by Jack Bowman is an intimate musical exploration of topics such as female empowerment and self-discovery. Through the eleven-track album that covers the themes of resilience, love and introspection, Issara allows the listeners to taste the pureness as she emanates with her authentic expression and character through embracing the imperfections to stay closer to her core.

“222” records in a style equal to the 70’s and carries a 70’s vintage vibe that is evocative of era that never seems old. From the very moment that the first chord is struck to when the last note sounds off and silently disappears, the vibe that gravitates between the groovy funkiness and the tear-jerking ballads takes shape, effortlessly. And there couldn’t be a better way to do it!

The album begins with a track titled “Ride,” which features etified piano undertones and playful organ leads stretched into an easily lactose rhythm. Issara’s charming vocals form a ride on the uptempo arrangement that will get every listener hooked.

Photo of Issara

Ride underlines this further with the delicate softness of the track “Rise Up” & the powerful “Phoenix”. In this “Rise Up” she went back to her gospel origins through the rhythmic soul and exalted voice while “Phoenix” is casual and phlegmatic piece with silky guitar petals and faint funky colors.

All through this album, Issara’s lyrics skillfully portray moments of intimacy and profound introspection. The songs “I See You” and “Home” have smooth downtempo sound and it demonstrates Issara’s strength in composing the moments of inner reflection.

Others on the album are “Rebel”, rock-centric pop anthem mixed with helium vocals, and “Woman”, the track that is all about pride and independence which is accompanied by strong percussion and catchy hooks. The bonus song ‘Missed You’ signifies the reconciliation. This is an excellent conclusion to the album.

“222” is a magnificent mix of soul, pop, and rock, as enhanced by its vintage yet vibrant flair. It is a musical journey based on the concepts of female empowerment, self-discovery, and living authentically with which we are emotionally connected and inspired.

Enjoy below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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