Say goodbye to the past with Marc Rangel’s “Good Riddance”


Marc Angel has just released an EP titled, “Good Riddance” which is a personal and self written project where she expounds on the universal issues of friendships and self-image. The R&B singer-songwriter prodigy brings a new voice to this theme as she pens down the story that describes her survival from the emotionally crippling heartbreak and torment.

The EP starts with “Song Cry” which is an emotionally charged anthem. Here, Angel’s haunting voice and sincere lyrics talk about her overcoming the pain caused by infidelity and getting the strength needed to leave behind a messed up relationship. It creates the mood that the whole song on the EP is going to be filled with.

And the next song is “Not My Business”, a courageous rejection of what she did not want. Angel offers fresh, energetic rhythms through which to express all those secret feelings without any hesitation with a catchy tune, the song brings together the harsh reality of tenuity of being someone’s secret.

The song “Love You Down” now brings us to a tune that is extremely inviting and addictive to dance to. This is where begins Angel’s effort to let her partner know of her desire to adore and gratify her partner. The straight-forward, alluring-luring lyrics of this song create an enticing aura, and provide an opportunity for every listener to indulge themselves in the mood of tender-intimacy and desire.

Marc Angel

“If You Miss Me” is a powerful work, in which Angel sings a longing desire for the rapprochement basically using acoustic guitar as well as jazzy tones. The melancholic lyrics narrate a nostalgia for fleeting recollections and an urge to communicate, and hence, building an aura of melancholia.

” Closure” which is the 5th song is one of the songs off which has Angel narrating the mysterious story of emotional intricacy and the catharsis one feels over time.

“Knew Better” tells it like it is, the hard facts of the trauma of the betrayal, while “Too Damn Pretty” is a stand-up for autonomy and empowerment.

The EP features a unique sound composition that is the result of the collaboration of a talented R&B/Soul producer Brandon Zano and Marc Angel, where they merge the Alternative music influences to create a sound that is nothing else. The songs had been in the works for two years before releasing and their collaboration and work ethics of creating soulful music had effect on the songs.

“Good Riddance” provides Marc Angel with a forum to express herself as an artist and storyteller, uncovering for the listeners the very deep and real journey that traversed her heartbreak, resilience, and ultimately, self-discovery. It’s a project that touches a chord with anyone who has suffered the pain of deception and the joy of taking back ownership of their worth.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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