Enter the mesmerizing world of trip-hop with NEONCOLOREDPIXELS’ latest track, “Emotion (It’s in the Moment)”


NEONCOLOREDPIXELS is here with a new single called “Emotion (It’s in the Moment)” a very alluring trip-hop piece. Taking NEONCOLOREDPIXELS liking for such a kind of music into account, the song shows how the reminiscence and modernity are creatively mixed up so as to please the listeners with a completely new instrument.

The song proceeds to enter the world of feelings and the sense of love and relationship, where it seduces the listeners to further go deep into their emotions. Modern time somehow seems to be less urgent in these considerations, however, NEONCOLOREDPIXELS lights up a flame in her moving lyrics and vivid melodies.

The song literally gets under your skin with its first drum beat, which makes you feel a pulsing rhythm. Each layer of the instrument flowing and each one methodically and masterfully weaved together, the song forms a magnificent soundtrack of the soul.

The carefully-crafted reliance on synths and high-end percussion results in a soundscape filled with undeniable force and mystery. It’s a sense that every note is a single brushstroke on the canvas that creates a colorful and clear painting of feelings and experience.

With the drum base, acting like the heartbeat, this repetitive, consonant beat in the song initially connect with the listener on an emotional level. For me, it symbolizes the enjoyment of life, emotions, living fully in the present moment, and it also encompasses the belief of love as something to be cherished without any boundaries.

Through “Emotion (It’s in the Moment),” NEONCOLOREDPIXELS has not only been able to conjure the memory trip hop but also exhilarate the longing of music to express emotions and arouse the feelings. It can be a song that resides in the mind even after the music has come to a halt; making people wake up with the melody still encouraging their minds and hearts.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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