Velvet Halo emerges with their captivating Self-Titled EP


With “Velvet Halo,” Velvet Halo has given us a close inspection of the human dimension. This soft pop compilation is created by Justina Shandler, a singer and songwriter from LA, and David Thiele, a multi-instrumentalist from Oregon.

The EP “Velvet Halo” combines the mastered craftsmanship of David Thiele’s production with Justina Shandler’s unique poetic narrative skills, touching upon the radical changes one goes through and the nostalgic feelings of not being young anymore. This album in its original language deeply dives into human feelings with an idea to create a musical story which makes it so memorable to listeners.

The EP starts with a song named” Words Fail” This song highlights the inability of expressing oneself, even when you are bombarded with deep emotions. The song has a slower rhythmic feeling to it and features a simple piano melody combined with haunting vocals, mixing a dreamy sensation with the sadness of separation.

The second song is “Fool Again” and in this song you can see how Justina uses her personal words to help us to feel like we are going back to the past and we are able to remember all the times when things were simpler. Her verbalization is filled with emotion and it’s a compulsion for us to think about the things we miss or desire.

A photo of Justina Shandler and David Thiele

After that comes “Warm Night,” which a ballad having the first duets. It has got a smile-inducing piano tunes and singers who both sing in harmony. There is a catchy melody and happy beat which brings in playfulness and eccentricity, creating a mood of energy and joy.

In the 4th song, ‘Nothing Left‘  that depicts sadness and hopelessness, it needs a like rising feeling of optimism that is characteristically similar to Coldplay’s style. Justina begins the song with her smooth voice, leading to a mystical ambience which puts you in a state of weightlessness.

Find me” is the last EP song, which is full of the lo-fi style as well as lively beat. Certain music can ignite the intense sense of being at a dream location. In the line of all the cuts on the EP though, it’s the most upbeat, bubbly one that makes anyone listen to it, bright and optimistic towards the day to come.

Each track on the EP has its very own unique feeling and emotions which everyone is able to understand nowadays. If every day you have a common need to just step aside and think or dream, the sweet sounds of Velvet Halo will overall offer you an amazing sense of peace.

Relax and Enjoy this amazing self-titled EP from Velvet Halo.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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