Evol Walks Unveils Highly Anticipated Rendition of “Sleeping With Ghost”


Australian musical band Evol Walks, headed by singer Leah Martin-Brown, entered new dimensions with the release of a rendition of their track ‘Sleeping with a Ghost’.
This rendition was released exactly a year after the original. The song is the lead single of their highly anticipated acoustic EP, which is set to offer a whole different feel of musical experience from the band.

“Sleeping With A Ghost” is a song that speaks about relationships between people in love where one partner behaves in a way that makes the other uncomfortable. A relationship that is filled with unfulfilled promises, lies, disloyalty, and a lack of communication. Which makes the relationship unlively and makes the other partner feel like he or she is not in a relationship at all, as if he or she is dating himself or herself.

Such situations cause sleepless nights, overthinking, and pain in the hearts of people in love, and each night, even with their partners by their side, it feels like “sleeping with a ghost.”.
The song does not only seek to shine a light on these issues and leave them, but also to remind it’s listeners, who may be showing such actions to their partners, to change their toxic ways. And also to motivate victims of such relationships.

The song has brilliant lyrics that testify to the songwriting prowess of Leah, the lead singer of the band. It resonates with the soul and mind to feel relaxed and digress situations about relationship issues, and it also brings a breadth of new life and high energy that is distinct from the original version.

A line from the hook that got my attention after listening to the song is “We had a moment; now it’s fading into nothing.” This line shows how good a relationship can start and, on the way, turn into something else that is not fun and loving anymore.

On the instrumentation of “Sleeping With A Ghost”, Leah took the band back to their roots of acoustic ideas tinkered with on dark nights with a blend of violin progressions from the cult classic ‘Queen of the Damned’ to create a more soulful atmosphere for the song. The production work on the song cannot be overlooked, as there was great clarity achieved on the vocals and instrumental mix, and the mastering was also perfect.

The rendition of ‘Sleeping with a Ghost” will take listeners on a journey that encompasses the haunting depths of emotions. This song will stick to your mind and then into the very corners of your soul. Try to stay a while.

Stream On Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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