Kinga Angelys Teams Up with Joe Wilkinson for a Heartfelt Love Anthem: “Home (Is where my honey is)”


Singer and songwriter Kinga Angelys collaborates with singer-acoustic guitarist and singer Joe Wilkinson and releases a love anthem titled “Home (Is where my honey is)”.
The song brings together the two-sided perspectives about love that people fail to explain and digress it better for the understanding of listeners.

A photo of Kinga Angelys

Angelys drew the inspiration she used to write this song from the experiences of her six-year long-distance relationship. According to Angelys, “There is a dynamic yet delicate interplay of heartache and happiness in a distance relationship unlike any other. We tried to capture this wave of emotions from start to finish.” These experiences are evident in the track due to the calming and remembrance sentiments of the verses, which elaborate on the emotional pain and the sweet memories one can get from being in a long-distance relationship.


After a few rounds of listening to the song, I realized the lyrics were coined together so brilliantly to create a feeling of love and good memories about relationships that will keep listeners in their best moods all day, reminding them of some of the best times they’ve shared and are anticipating to share with their loved ones. Some beautiful lines I remember from Angely’s verse after listening show how sweet love can be and the special memories it can give to those who find it. “Miles and miles away, I still feel the sweetness of your kiss.” “I pass these beautiful faces but your face is what I miss.”

A photo of Joe Wilkonsin

The collaborative writing prowess of Angelys and Joe is so incredible and brilliant, and their vocal delivery is also awesome. The catchy harmonies, melodies, and style that were laid out in the song are evidence of their talent and musical prowess. Guitar chord progressions and a loose drum pattern with subtle transitions and breaks make up the instrumental that Joe and Will Davies created, which makes the song more catchy. The track was further mixed and mastered by Will in England.

“Home (Is Where My Honey Is) is a beautiful song for those in love who have sweet memories about their relationship and are still holding on to that, hoping to have more sweet memories as the year goes by.

Stream On Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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