Experience the Dazzling Soundscapes of “So Say the Soothsayers” by PEACEARTHOPE


Prepare to be swept away by the vibrant and exhilarating world music soundscape brought to life by the ensemble known as “So Say the Soothsayers.”

With each tune, this ensemble delivers an electrifying energy that feels like an express train hurtling forward, teetering on the edge of chaos yet remaining in perfect harmony.

The ensemble’s exceptional musicianship shines through both as soloists and as a united force, creating an intoxicating musical experience that lingers long after the last note fades.

“So Say the Soothsayers” is a treasure trove of sonic exploration, weaving a tapestry of influences that hint at Spanish and Latin styles while transcending those boundaries to create something truly unique.

The ensemble’s artistry shines brightest in the intricate percussive elements and the dazzling guitar flair that infuses each track. With an undeniable synergy, the ensemble crafts a musical journey that takes listeners on a global adventure, traversing various traditions while adding a contemporary twist.

At the heart of this musical endeavor is Sam Ortolano, the creative force behind PEACEARTHOPE. Hailing from Los Angeles, Sam’s passion for the guitar fuels his creative journey.

Drawing from his diverse musical background and deep love for world music, Sam orchestrates a unique hybrid sound that defies categorization. He writes, records, produces, and performs original music that is distinctly his own.

From the age of 5, he embarked on a musical journey that led him to explore a multitude of genres and styles. Discovering artists like the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Shakti, Chick Corea, and others ignited a fire within him.

Sam has collaborated with various groups, lead his own bands, and explore a diverse range of musical styles. From rock to jazz, fusion to pop, and progressive metal to acoustic serenades, Sam’s repertoire knows no bounds.

He has released multiple studio recordings across genres and graced stages along the West Coast.

During the pandemic, Sam leaped to become a full-time solo artist, birthing PEACEARTHOPE.

The music of PEACEARTHOPE fuses Afro-Cuban, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Latin influences into a vibrant acoustic tapestry. His debut release, “Speed of Sound,” introduced listeners to his passionate compositions characterized by captivating melodies and intricate rhythmic arrangements.

With a mission to inspire listeners to break free from convention, embrace global unity, and dance to the rhythm of life, PEACEARTHOPE invites you to join their musical journey.

Through their enchanting melodies and evocative rhythms, they evoke emotions, challenge boundaries, and celebrate the beauty of the human experience. ”

Listen to So Say the soothsayers below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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