Sharper Side, a punk-pop band from north London, released their latest song “Hurts Like Hell


The energetic 3-piece punk-pop band Sharper Side hails from the streets of north London, England.

Their most recent song, “Hurts Like Hell,” which was just released, explodes onto the scene with tremendous energy. The song immediately draws the listener into its strong spirit with a guitar melody and booming rhythms.

The chorus of “Hurts Like Hell” is straightforward but highly catchy. The concept of the song is summed up in one chorus: having hope can be difficult, but accepting that pain is a necessary part of the journey. The song skillfully captures the paradox of hope, recognizing that even though it can be painful, it is a pain worth going through.

The introduction of the song captures the attention of the listener and draws them into the auditory universe that Sharper Side has created.

The music’s explosive energy and unrelenting pace reflect the emotional rollercoaster that the words describe.

A song of fortitude, “Hurts Like Hell” acts as an encouragement that even when hope hurts, it also keeps us alive and involved in the human experience. Sharper Side’s songwriting skill is evident in their ability to succinctly and powerfully express this complex emotional terrain in a chorus. The song doesn’t avoid facing life’s obstacles; instead, it does them with a spirit of determination.

Listeners are carried along in the song’s sound waves as it advances with tremendous momentum, experiencing the highs and lows of the journey it depicts.

“Hurts Like Hell” is a rallying cry for people who are willing to embrace optimism despite the agony it could cause since they are aware of how bittersweet it is.

Sharper Side establishes their position in the punk-pop scene with “Hurts Like Hell,” a high-octane anthem that connects on both a musical and emotional level.

Listeners may expect more stirring songs that capture the core of the human experience as the band continues to develop its style and narrative.

Listen below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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