Experience the mesmerizing musical journey of Shakar EL with his latest masterpiece, ‘Sounds Of Shakar EL’


An incredible journey awaits you on the musical front with Shakar EL, the legendary ‘King Of Orishirishi,’ as he releases his most recent masterpiece, the album ‘Sounds Of Shakar EL.’ This album showcases Shakar EL’s creative genius with its sixteen tracks of infectious moods that expertly combine Afrobeat with Highlife elements and a mystical touch of ‘orishirishi.’

“Sounds Of Shakar EL” is more than just an album; it takes listeners on a captivating adventure through Shakar EL’s dedication to providing a varied musical experience. As they listen to each track, listeners are transported to a world where Afrobeats reign supreme, providing captivating rhythms, heartfelt melodies, and an abundance of the distinctive ‘orishirishi’ vibes that characterize Shakar EL’s sound.

‘King Of Orishirishi’ is a moniker that has belonged to Shakar EL, whose real name is Chukwudi Ezeagwa, thanks to his talent for incorporating varied sounds, cultural influences, and evident charm into his music. He has been an innovator in the Afrobeats scene for quite some time.

The tunes showcase Shakar EL’s growth and evolution, thanks to the partnership with Otyno, the artist’s official producer. ‘Sounds Of Shakar EL’ is proof that the musician and producer had connection, because the album is both well-crafted and fresh. With the exception of track 14, “Olimango,” which was created by the legendary Fliptyce, all of the songs were produced by Otyno.

“I am ecstatic to introduce ‘Sounds Of Shakar EL’ to the world,” Shakar EL says, clearly bursting with enthusiasm. Each song on this album is a reflection of the heart and soul that went into making it. In it, I honor the ‘orishirishi’ spirit that permeates my music, as well as Afrobeats and cultural diversity. Just as much as I loved making it, I hope the experience is enjoyable for listeners.

All the main streaming sites now have “Sounds Of Shakar EL” available. Immerse yourself in the rich sounds of Afrobeats perfection and join the party as you witness the magic of the ‘King Of Orishirishi.’


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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