“That’s on Me!!!” by Hoob!e: A Standout Addition to Modern Music


An outstanding contribution to modern music, “That’s on Me!!!” by Hoob!e deftly combines memorable choruses, thrilling bars, and a distinctive beat transition. All of Hoob!e’s efforts to provide a new and exciting sound are on full display in this song, which is sure to enthral fans.

As the song comes to a close, the catchy choruses will be playing in your head for days. Hoob!e has a gift for writing catchy tunes that people can’t get enough of. The addition of wild bars gives “That’s on Me!!!” its distinctive sound, amps up the track’s excitement, and showcases Hoob!e’s lyrical talent.

This musical masterpiece is defined by Hoob!e’s distinctive use of rhythm switching, an innovative technique that is evident in all of his tracks. But here he goes above and beyond by inserting a second verse into the beat transition. This surprising turn of events is an attention-getter, setting a fresh tone that should improve the listening experience.

In addition to its indisputable greatness, “That’s on Me!!!” is notable for being genuinely original. Hoob!e states categorically that this song is unique and cannot be found anywhere else, not even in Australia or the world. This daring declaration reflects the artist’s dedication to providing an unprecedented musical experience to their audience.

With its infectious choruses, powerful bars, and mesmerizing beat transition, “That’s on Me!!!” is an audio masterpiece that showcases Hoob!e’s signature flair. For music lovers in search of something out of the usual, this tune is an absolute must-listen since it showcases his dedication to musical creativity and establishes him as an artist whose work knows no geographical limits.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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