Experience the Soul-Stirring Journey of Mister Motivation’s Latest Single: ‘Psalms Wide Open’


Gear up for total emotional impact as Mr. Motivation, the well-known artist whose music lifts people’s spirits releases his much-awaited track “Psalms Wide Open”  The track is going to guide everyone on a spiritual walkway full of gratitude and faith.

“Psalms Wide Open” is a beautiful song about looking inward and reverence with parts inspired by biblical characters and ideas. The song snatches the heart of the listeners with its soulful hook and the thoughtful lyrics that bring the listeners to the embrace of their faith and reflect on their blessings with their life.

According to Mister Motivation, he is happy that the song falls out, expressing his excitement and calling the song “very special” to him. He expressed, “This song is my story about faith and everything I am thankful for in life. I am hoping that it will be as relatable to my fans as it is to me and will help them in their spiritual journeys.”

In his work of the meditation and contemplation, “Psalms Wide Open”, Mr. Motivation invites the audience to join him and walk through the corridors of old and faith explored in the psalms where peace can be found. Either if you are looking for inspiration or just to have a moment of silence this single is going to remind you a beautiful story that you will never forget as it is sure to leave something in your heart and soul.

Take the chance and try the unmatched music of Mister Motivation with its riveting and uplifting effect. Make sure you save the date and get ready to be touched in February 9th by the powerful beauty “Psalms Wide Open.”


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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