Exploring “Concealing” by Anat Porat and her daughter Shira Porat


“Concealing” by Anas Porat is a soothing acoustic song that may help people who are battling with feelings of concealment feel better and give them the confidence to be themselves. The song was written and performed by Anas Porat and her daughter Shira Porat Piante.

Anyone who is experiencing feelings of concealment and finding it difficult to come out will undoubtedly rise and may develop the strength necessary to come out when they listen to this touching song.

Anat Porat and her daughter Shira Porat Pariante urged anyone who feels as though they may be concealing who they are to find the confidence to come out and be proud of themselves for who they are in the song.

Anat reflects on her previous self and talks about how she used to be private and hidden in the past, stating that she was someone who kept things to herself back then. Even if she is successful in destroying it and freeing herself, it will blow up in her face and cause her to fall back. Whiles delivering this, her daughter Shira also backed her with her sweet vocals that could be heard in the background.

Anat Porat

“Concealing” is quite pleasant to listen to as a result of the folk-influenced charm that is present throughout the entirety of the song. In addition to calming acoustic guitars, it features a number of excellent vocal performances. The  harmonies of Anat and Shira were masterfully weaved into layers of calming and welcoming acoustic guitars, which ultimately resulted in the development of a touching acoustic ballad.

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