A Harmonious Fusion: The Enchanting Collaboration of Bruna Black and John Finbury in ‘Chao De Nuvem’


Collaboration in the music industry frequently yields extraordinary new works that find widespread acceptance. To wit, the mesmerizing “Chao De Nuvem,” brought to life by the extraordinary team of Bruna Black and John Finbury.

Bruna Black, a rising artist in Brazil’s musical scene, draws inspiration from a wide range of sources. Bruna’s artistic range extends from the gospel singing she did as a child to the classical vocal training she received to her love of Bossa and Brazilian popular tunes. In 2020, a few months before she turned 21, her life took an exciting shift as she made it to the quarterfinals of “The Voice” Brazil.

A Photo of Bruna Black

Enter John Finbury, an American composer renowned for his Brazilian-inspired compositions. His late career blossomed with accolades, including a Latin Grammy nomination for Song Of The Year in 2016 and an American Grammy nomination in Best Latin Jazz Album in 2020. John’s musical prowess, fused with a deep appreciation for Brazilian culture, provided the perfect foundation for a collaboration with Bruna.

OPUnder the guidance of Grammy and Latin Grammy-winning producer Emilio D. Miler, Bruna and John embarked on a creative journey that birthed not only “Chao De Nuvem” but also an entire album. Recorded in New York City last August, this musical project is set to enchant listeners worldwide upon its release in 2024.

“Chao De Nuvem” speaks of Bruna’s awe-inspiring trajectory—a tale of dreams realized and wishes fulfilled. It narrates her pursuit of a career in music, her rise to prominence in her home country, and the anticipation of taking her unique talents to a global stage. Through the lyrics penned by Bruna herself and the intricate melodies composed by John, the essence of her remarkable journey is delicately preserved.

But beyond the boundaries of music, “Chao De Nuvem” holds a universal message for all aspiring individuals. It serves as a reminder that dreams are within reach, and with determination and passion, they can become reality.

Bruna’s story inspires not just fellow musicians but anyone with aspirations, as her experiences mirror the challenges and triumphs faced by anyone striving to achieve their goals.

Stream below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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